Dr. Brennan Williams

“I was never exposed to chiropractic when I was growing up. Playing a lot of high school and college sports left me with chronic low back problems and disc injuries, but I didn’t know how much sports chiropractic would have helped. I went to school for mechanical engineering and had a job in the field when I hurt my back playing basketball. It was so bad, I couldn’t move or function at all!”

Making a Difference
Dr. Brennan’s wife, Mary, convinced him to visit a chiropractor. After visiting the chiropractor, Dr. Brennan recovered far beyond any solutions that he had tried with his previous injuries.

Looking around his chiropractor’s office, Dr. Brennan thought about what a great profession chiropractic was. He took time off from his job to shadow some chiropractors.

Within a year, he’d quit his job as an engineer and gone back to school to become a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Training
Dr. Brennan attended chiropractic college in St. Louis, MO. He and his wife already had three children when he started school. Their youngest was born while Dr. Brennan was still in chiropractic college.

His family motivated him to take a special interest in pediatrics and pregnancy courses while there. His children even got to participate in his pediatrics courses by letting students in the class adjust them.

Dr. Brennan first became very comfortable adjusting children and pregnant mothers in school. That’s why family chiropractic is such an important aspect of our practice.

Dr. Jordan Keck

Dr. Jordan wishes he had realized earlier in life how great Chiropractic care is for your body. Not until after an accident in college he decided to go to the Chiropractor for the first time. Within a few weeks he noticed great improvements. A few weeks later he was amazed that his pain was completely gone! A strong desire to serve and help people live healthy lives, has always led him toward working in the health care field. It wasn’t until this experience that he knew he wanted to be a chiropractor.

Chiropractic Training
Dr. Jordan Keck attended Brigham Young University of Idaho and got his bachelor degree in Exercise Physiology then attended chiropractic school at University of Western States in Portland OR. While at chiropractic school Dr. Keck had extensive training in adjusting children, pregnancy care, car accident injuries, and various sports injuries. Dr. Keck is very focused on excellent patient care and has a passion to provide the best possible chiropractic care to every patient he encounters. His extensive training, personality, and experience serve his patients well. Dr. Keck was raised in Southeast Idaho and is excited to establish his practice where he grew up.

Dr. Kade Keck

Dr. Kade grew up being active in sports and outdoor activities which led to a myriad of injuries along the way. These injuries exposed him to many different parts of the healthcare system. Rehab and pain management were always the most intriguing. After pursuing Physical Therapy and Chiropractic, Dr. Kade realized Chiropractic was the best way to help as many people as he could in a way the he enjoys. Dr. Kade spends a lot of time outdoors and regularly utilizes chiropractic care to keep him pain free while doing the things he loves.

Dr. Kade attended Brigham Young University-Idaho where he studied Exercise Physiology. He then attended the University of Western States where he earned a Bachelor’s in Human Biology and Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. Dr. Kade has had thorough training in sports and weight lifting injuries, pre- and post-natal care, pediatric care and car accident recovery. Dr. Kade prefers to keep you active during care and get you back to your favorite activities as fast as possible. If you can’t find Dr. Kade at work, you can find him hunting, fishing, golfing or camping with his wife and son.

Kia Newton, LMT

Tia Pancheri, LMT